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Enjoy enhanced security and reliability, innovative features, and simplified administration by migrating your systems and data to the Atlassian Stack. 

Migrate for maximum performance

Migrating your systems and data to the Atlassian cloud allows your business to scale faster, improve productivity, reduce administrative costs, and take advantage of new features. Regardless of the reasons behind your migration, it’s essential that your move is strategically planned.

Our team of Atlassian experts has successfully tackled many complex migrations for government and private businesses. Before performing a migration, we craft a careful action plan that helps simplify the transition and ensure minimal downtime so you can maintain business as usual. 

The Power of Systems & Data Migration

Reduce Costs

Migrating your systems and data to the Atlassian stack helps you reduce costs by avoiding major incidents and downtime. You'll also avoid the heavy costs associated with on premise physical assets.

Enhance Security

Data in the Atlassian cloud is fully encrypted while in transit and over public networks. Your data will remain protected from unauthorized disclosure or modification, without creating barriers for your team to access it.

Scale Your Business

Migrating your data and systems into the cloud creates new opportunities for your business to expand. You won't be limited to outdated software, you'll have a new platform that can grow alongside your operations.

Migration Made Simple

The problem with implementing new software solutions is the work required to pool all of your organization’s data and move it from one place to another. The alternative is even less desirable: continuing to use decentralized software that isn’t adaptable to the changing needs of your business.

With Forge Business Technology you don’t have to choose. Our team of digital transformation experts complete the process of migrating to the Atlassian Stack from start to finish. Not only will we ensure all of your data is moved over, we’ll build out project maps, a custom dashboard, and a full Atlassian Solution tailored to your business needs.

Forge Business technology

Why Choose Forge To Complete Your Systems & Data Migrations?

Trusted Atlassian Expertise

When it comes to Atlassian, no one understands it’s capabilities like we do. With 30+ years of combined knowledge and experience, you can trust our team of Atlassian experts to help you make the switch and transfer your systems and data seamlessly.

Customized Solutions

Out-of-the-box, Atlassian is an incredibly powerful and useful software. However, the true value of this application lies in its advanced customization capabilities. We get to know the ins-and-outs of your business so that we can set your team up for success after the migration is complete.

Better Value

Forge Business Technology is committed to providing high-quality Systems and Data Migration services at a lower cost. How do we do it? We run a lean organization and keep our overhead low. This allows us to perform intensely valuable work for our clients at reasonable prices.

Ready to make a move?

Just like businesses themselves, every migration is unique. A successful migration requires a focused expertise and the ability to understand the systems that are already in place, as well as the ones you’re moving to. Whether you’re moving from a server environment or legacy software, our team of Systems & Data Migration experts have the experience and know-how required to execute a stress-free migration. 

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